Saturday, April 14, 2007

Now approaching hour 36 of travel I find myself compelled to log some of my stories.

Today's log -

Original Re-scheduled departure - 9:55 pm -

Was able to get scheduled on a 4:50 departure - the one really nice United guy said, "Don't get excited yet." Optimism, alive and well in the airport industry. Sadly, he was right.

First delay, 5:30pm - still quite tolerable

Currently a 7:30pm scheduled departure - I'm not laying any bets at this point - This may be one of these situations where your earlier flight leaves later than your originally scheduled flight.

Some notes on the day - - - - - - -

The human spirit is alive and well in the airport again today. I find myself wondering if I might rent some space and begin teaching the space between stimulus and response as well as the Circle of Influence. I find myself fully aware of the importance of the principles that we teach and pleased that I have been afforded the opportunity to be aware of principles that thousands of people have not truly learned.

Big Decisions -

My guess is Tom Hanks didn't really understand the character that he was playing in The Terminal, as I find no other real celebrities stranded in this manor. Somehow I believe they always have other options that I can't afford. I did have one B celebrity brush today with a contestant from Last Comic Standing. I shook his hand and told him he was my favorite contestant, while pleasant, I think he was really thinking, "That's great but I just want a flight that will leave this airport sometime today."

Outlets are King - One of the big decisions that must be considered at all times is how close to an available outlet am I? Fully charged cell phones and laptops are critical to your survival and productivity. I did my good deed today when I gave up one of the outlets I was using to another traveler. The Golden Rule is alive and well.

Another big decision you make on these trips is - Do I really give up my seat at the bar to head to my gate when I am fully expecting to arrive at the gate only to find another delay and then another search for an open bar stool.

I have now perfected the balance of caffeine and Vino. It's a touchy situation that must be managed carefully and precisely in order to stay fully aware should critical decisions need to be made on how to find a hotel again tonight should I not really get out of here.

Terminal Changes are good -

At 5:05 I decided to wander out of Terminal A to see if the grass really is greener. I was thrilled to find that it is, with a Starbucks, a Borders and a wine bar just one shuttle away. Life is good.

Hygiene -

Being a light packer has officially backfired on me this trip. Having packed enough clothes for 7 days on my 8 day trip I am now wearing an outfit that EVERYTHING has been worn at least once and sometimes more. I've traded my cute paradigm to, "I really hope I don't smell" We call that a "paradigm shift" in our industry.

It's official, I've reached the point that my email is caught up enough and no longer entertains me, my books are read and packed away, it's time to find out the answer to the question we all really need to know

Why did Brittany shave her head?

Stay Tuned for more on the next edition of ..........Airport Diaries